On Simplifications in the Technical Vision Algorithm

  • Yuliya Gerasimova
  • Alexander Titov
  • Boris Shumilov
Keywords: highways, pavement defects recognition, mobile technologies, laser scanning, photogrammetry, calibration, binarization, edge detection


The purpose of the work is creation of a new technology for recognition of transport infrastructure facilities, including simplifications of algorithm for operation of technical facilities from video fixing under changing environmental factors. In this work, we used methods for determining the volume of three-dimensional facilities from the data of photo and video recording of the surrounding situation. The novelty of the research is building of decision algorithms based on devices and sensors that recognize changing road conditions, namely, defects in coverage. We obtained the algorithm of technical vision, which is supposed to implement as a program on a mobile device for recognition of transport infrastructure facilities and their defects by means of stereometry. One could use the data obtained in the planning of road repairs, in the analysis of traffic accidents by road police, for processing road users’ complaints, etc.