Applied Research of Cleaner Production Evaluation System in Wig Industry

  • Xiaofang LIU
  • Luji YU
  • Yanpeng WANG
  • Jing LIANG
Keywords: environmentalology; wig industry; cleaner production; evaluation indicator system; AHP-Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation.


An assessment indicator system of cleaner production in wig industry was built in this article, which intended to meet the shortage of corresponding standards of cleaner production evaluation in the national wig industry. An assessment route of cleaner production index system of the wig industry was established. Based on analysis of the production process and pollution node of the wig industry, the cleaner production index system of wig industry was established for the first time, which contained 6 first-level indicators and 22 second-level indicators. The evaluation indicator baselines were set out in accordance with the cleaner production standards and index systems in other areas when the actual data of each index of the wig enterprises was analyzed statistically. Then, the importance of every index was confirmed by analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and an AHP-Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model was introduced by utilizing the fuzzy mathematics method. What is more, in order to test and verify the accuracy of the evaluation system, this evaluation system was applied to estimate the cleaner production level of a wig enterprise in Henan province. It was found that the advanced level of this wig company should be 0.1352, as against the membership of the general level was 0.0391, which could be compared to the basic level of 0.0298. The result is consistent with the actual situation of the enterprise, which proves that the system is feasible and can be used to tap the cleaner production potential of wig enterprises and promote the sustainable development of the wig enterprises.