Biogas Production Using Slaughterhouse Wastewater Co-digested with Domestic Sludge

  • Salah S.B. Dababat
  • Hafez Q. Shaheen
Keywords: Anaerobic digestion; Biogas; Co-digestion; Domestic sludge; Methane; Slaughterhouse wastewater.



The paper investigates producing biogas using Co-digestion of slaughterhouse wastewater (SHW) with primary sludge (PS). Lab experiments were executed at mesophilic condition (35±2°C). Two experiments were performed; the first in a 2000 ml vessel and the second in 600 ml serum bottles, both to mimic batch bioreactors. Among others, acidity (pH), alkalinity (ALK), and volatile fatty acids (VFA) were measured before and after the digestion process. The daily biogas and methane production were also measured. The experiments showed that Co-digestion achieved maximum biogas yield at 499.8 Nml Biogas/g VS fed. The biogas yield for PS and SHW were 411.5 Nml biogas /g VS fed and 433.8 Nml biogas /g VS fed respectively. CH4 yield from the Co-digestion was the highest compared to digest SHW separately. This proves the occurrence of inhibition in methanogenesis activity. The VFA final concentration was higher than the initial concentration for digest SHW.