Synthesis, Modification and Optical Characterization of Co-Cr Layered Double Hydroxide

  • Ofeliya O. Balayeva
  • Abdulsaid A. Azizov
  • Mustafa B. Muradov
  • Abel M. Maharramov
  • Imameddin R. Amiraslanov
Keywords: CoCr-LDHs; polymer nanocomposites; stearic acid; nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR); optical properties.


 Cobalt and chromium based layered double hydroxides (LDHs) have been successfully synthesized by the co-precipitation method at a constant pH of 10. The intercalation of stearic acid (C18H36O2) into CoCr-LDH and preparation of their polymer nanocomposites using two different methods were studied in the paper. The obtained samples were characterized before and after modification by X-ray diffractometry (XRD) and Ultraviolet visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy. It has been shown that different reaction temperature profoundly affects the band-gaps of inorganic and composite structures.Three optical band gap values (Eg1, Eg2 and Eg3) for the samples obtained before and after modification. Two optical band gap values were estimated in polymer/LDH nanocomposites. The high-value band gaps for CoCr-LDH(100°C)- NBR and CoCr-LDH(100°C)-SA- NBR were determined to be 5.9 eV and 5.7 eV, respectively. The low-value band gaps for CoCr-LDH(100°C)-NBR and CoCr-LDH(100°C)-SA- NBR were determined to be 4.1 eV and 3.25 eV, respectively.