Optimization of Technological Parameters for Preparation of Vegetable Fiber Mulch Film with Waste Corrugated Paperboard

  • Xianglan Ming
  • Haitao Chen
Keywords: Waste corrugated paperboard; Rice straw; Biodegradable mulch film; Orthogonal rotating center combination test; Mechanical strength


The process and properties of vegetable fiber film made from waste corrugated paperboard were studied in order to solve the pollution problem of traditional plastic film to soil and environment and efficiently reuse of waste corrugated paperboard. Experiments were conducted using waste corrugated cardboard and rice straw as the main raw materials, adding environmental protection type functional auxiliaries, with the clean pulping and papermaking process to prepare biodegradable vegetable fiber mulch film. Study on the effects of technological parameters on dry tensile strength, wet tensile strength and sizing value, the optimization of the technological parameters effect on the mulching made from waste corrugated cardboard was studied by the method of five factors and five levels 1/2 orthogonal rotating center combination test method. The five technological parameters which are considered in this study for optimization are basis weight, neutral sizing agent, ratio, wet strength agent and beating degree. Experimental results indicated that an optimum combination is basis weight 56 to 75 g/m2, ratio 0% to 16%, neutral sizing agent 1.6%, wet strength agent 2.4%, beating degree 30 °SR, in this case, dry tensile strength of this fiber film attained more than 40 N, wet tensile strength more than 15 N and sizing value more than 120 s, and the film met the requirements of mechanical property for field mulching. The results provided theoretical basis and technical support for the preparation of degradable fiber mulch film from waste corrugated paperboard.