Model Reduction of Structured Dynamical Systems by Projecting onto the Dominant Eigenspace of the Gramians

  • Shazzad Hasan
  • M. Monir Uddin
Keywords: Structure preserving model order reduction; Second-order systems; Lyapunov matrix equation; Low-rank Gramian factors; Rational Krylov subspace method.


This paper studies the structure preserving (second-order to second-order) model order reduction of second-order systems applying the projection onto the dominant eigenspace of the Gramians of the systems. The projectors which create the reduced order model are generated cheaply from the low-rank Gramian factors. The low-rank Gramian factors are computed efficiently by solving the corresponding Lyapunov equations of the system using the rational Krylov subspace method. The efficiency of the theoretical results are then illustrated by numerical experiments.