On the Stress State of the Semi-Strip with a Longitudinal Crack

  • Natalya Vaysfeld
  • Zinaida Zhuravlova
Keywords: semi-strip; transverse crack; fixed singularity; singular integral equations.


The stress state of the elastic semi-strip is investigated in the paper. The lateral sides of the semi-strip are fixed and the semi-strip’s short edge is under the mechanical load. The longitudinal crack is located inside the semi-strip. The problem is reduced to the one-dimensional problem with the help of Fourier sin-, cos- transformation, which was applied directly to the Lame’s equilibrium equations and the boundary conditions. The one-dimensional problem is formulated is a vector form. Its solution is constructed with the help of the matrix differential calculation and the Green matrix-function, which was constructed in the bilinear form. The solution of the problem is reduced to the solving of three singular integral equations. The first equation in this system contains two fixed singularities in its kernel. To consider them the corresponding transcendental equation is constructed, and its roots are found. The special generalized method is applied to solve the system of singular integral equations. The stress intensity factors are calculated.