Morphological Structure, Physicochemical Properties Analysis and Application in Processing Vermicelli of the Kidney Bean Starch Grown in Qianjiang, China

  • Rong CHANG
  • Shuzhen LIU
  • Lijuan ZHU
  • Caiqiong ZHOU
Keywords: Kidney bean starch; Morphology structure; Physicochemical properties; Properties of kidney bean vermicelli


 The structure, morphology, physicochemical properties and potential use in vermicelli of kidney bean starch, grown in Qianjiang, China, were carried out. Results pointed out that the scanning electron micrographs revealed the presence of kidney or ovoid- to globose-shaped granules and with a diameter ranging from 5 to 50 μm. And the kidney bean starch exhibited an A-type X-ray diffraction pattern. The freeze-thaw stability was poor that the rate of water release was only 41.90%. But the thermal stability and cold stability were good and it showed a C- type Brabender viscosity curve. Besides, the kidney bean vermicelli was prepared by the optimized process. The viscosity and swelling of kidney bean vermicelli were less than mung bean vermicelli, which lead to the acceptable unable to equal to mung bean vermicelli. But considering the price and big cooking loss, weak tensile strength and weak shear strength of other starch vermicelli, the kidney bean starch vermicelli still has important application value.